e-book on Especies Y Variedades De Proteas Sudafricanas – Dr Juan Alberto Rodriguez-Pérez

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South African proteas are bushes or small trees located mainly in the Cape (Republic of South Africa). They are cultivated for the production of cut flowers (inflorescences) and foliage, used mainly in flower arrangements (baskets, wreaths, etc) and bouquets. There are also some farms where they are grown to obtain dry both flowers and foliage. Besides, these plants are employed in landscaping.

In this book we will describe the most important species and cultivars of Leucadendron, Leucospermum, Protea and Serruria.

On the Leucadendron genus, we have included L. discolor, whose male plants are cultivated for its breathtaking flowering, and also some species that are cultivated for their female cones or foliage (L. argenteum, etc.). In addition, you will find descriptions of the most important cultivars as L.Inca Gold, L. Safari Sunset, L. Safari Goldstrike, etc.

On Leucospermum, generally its hybrids or selections are cultivated for cut flowers. Apart of the description of the most interesting species, L. cordifolium, L. cuneiforme, L. patersonii, you will find details about the varieties more cultivated in the producing areas around the world.

Within the Protea genus, both the species cultivated for cut flowers and those used to obtain new hybrids, are included in this book, going from P. compacta, through P. cynaroides and P. magnifica to P. repens. Their hybrids and selections are also included.

Finally, in Serruria, you will find a description of Serruria florida and mentions of some of its hybrids with other species of the same genus.

This book will provide growers, and lovers of these plants, a panoramic view of them, to choose within its wide range according to their needs or preferences.

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