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The XV International Protea Research Symposium will be held from 31 March to 4 April 2025 in California, USA. More information to follow.

Conferences intro

The IPA was started in 1981 as a forum for growers, researchers, plant breeders, nurserymen, and sales and marketing companies to work together for the expansion and development of the international protea industry

The IPWG, started in 1986, is a specialised group of the Ornamentals Section of the International Society of Horticultural Scientists (ISHS), and is the research arm of the IPA.  Joint meetings of the IPA and the IPWG have been held every two to four years since inception, with the resultant publication of the proceedings of symposia in nine series of Acta Horticulturae to date.

The format of joint industry and researcher meetings has been very successful in creating an environment for communication and cooperation across the global protea industry. The formal interest of the IPA and IPWG is targeted to South African and Australian Proteaceae, however the products that most participants in the global “protea” industry work with include all South African and Australian native flora.

Conference Archive

XIV Protea Research Symposium and the XIX International Protea Association Conference.

XIV Protea Research Symposium and the XIX International Protea Association Conference

XVIII International Protea Association Conference, II International Symposium on Ornamentals and XIII International Protea Research Symposium

VIII International Symposium on New Ornamental Crops, XII International Protea Research

Symposium and XVII International Protea Association Conference

This event was organized by Dr. Eduardo Olate P. Universidad Católica de Chile and Ms. Flavia Schiappacasse Universidad de Talca in conjunction with IPA Board members and was supported by the International Society of Horticulture Science (ISHS). The goal of the Conference and Symposium is to highlight the most recent and exiting developments in growing and researching Proteaceous species around the globe, with an emphasis on quality management and production, propagation, ecology, pre and post-harvest physiology, storage and transport technologies, pest and disease management, flowering manipulation and all quality aspects throughout the supply chain, marketing and distribution systems.

16th IPA (International Protea Association) Conference and the XIth IPWG Symposium, Acta Horticulturae in press

15th IPA conference Lisbon, Portugal, August 2010
The 15th International Protea Association conference and Xth International Protea Working Group Symposium were held in Lisbon in conjunction with the International Horticulture Congress (IHC) from 25 to 28 August 2010. The IPA organised a pre-conference tour to Holland to visit flower businesses and the flower market, Flora Holland, at Aalsmeer.

25 to 28 August, 2010. Xth IPWG Symposium, Acta 937

(Lisbon Report and Minutes of the 15th IPA General Meeting available to members)

3-6 September, 2008. IXth IPWG Symposium, Acta 869

(Minutes of the 14th IPA General Meeting available to members)

30 March to 4 April, 2006. VIIIth IPWG Symposium, Acta 805

(Minutes of the 13th IPA General Meeting available to members)

No IPWG symposium, no Acta published

2-7 September, 1990., International Workshop on Intensive cultivation of Protea, Acta 316

Melbourne, Australia, 1981

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