Support research into the Proteaceae. You can make a difference to increasing our understanding about the Proteaceae from South Africa and Australia by making a financial contribution to the IPA Research Foundation. The foundation is crucial in supporting research projects managed by the research group of the IPA, the International Protea Working Group, (IPWG), aimed at improving our understanding of the Proteaceae family grown under cultivation and in the wild. Because we are a volunteer not-for-profit organisation all of your donations are tax deductible and every dollar/euro/rand goes toward research.

Why do we need your support?

The Proteaceae is a unique family which provides fabulous diversity in shape, colour and form to the global ornamental industries. Compared to other horticultural industries the Protea industry is small but has so much potential to provide new and exciting material to the nursery and cut flower industries. We need your support to fund research programs aimed at expanding our knowledge on selection, cultivation and marketing of these fascinating plants. We invite businesses, corporations, growers, plant scientists, home gardeners, plant nurseries, plant societies, amateur botanists and conservationists all with an interest in Proteaceae to make a donation.

Where does your money go?

All money donated to the IPA Research Foundation goes towards research projects. Every two years we call for research applications which are peer reviewed by members of the International Protea Association Council from 16 countries across the globe. Projects are ranked and selected on scientific merit and relevance to the industry. Interim research outcomes and final reports are sent to the IPWG each year and placed on the website for members to view. Researchers are also encouraged to present their results at the IPA Symposia and to publish in peer reviewed journals such as Acta Horticulturae or other internationally recognised journals.

Information on past projects receiving funding from the IPA Research Foundation is offered in the IPWG section.
If you wish to make a donation or sponsor a specific project please contact the Chair IPA Dr Audrey Gerber, or the Chair IPWG Dr Robyn McConchie.

How can you donate?

Membership: Become a member of the IPA and add an extra $10 or $20 to your membership and earmark it for research.

Donations: Make a one off donation, contribute regularly or when funds are available, to fund research projects chosen by the IPWG. Donations over $2 are generally tax deductible. Gifts of property and land are also tax deductible. The IPA is currently investigating the best strategy to manage donations for research from all of our international friends and colleagues. In Australia the IPA Research Foundation is applying for “Approved Research Institute” status as defined in the Income Tax Assessment Act. In the USA the IPA Research Foundation will be registered as a Charitable Organisation for scientific purposes.

Bequests: Individuals may like to contribute through a bequest.
For more information on your research donation please contact:

IPA Chair: Dr Audrey Gerber

IPWG Chair: Dr Robyn McConchie

Thank you

The IPA gratefully acknowledges the Peter Mathews Research Foundation which sponsors research projects and attracts young researchers into the Proteaceae industry.

The IPA gratefully acknowledges its members for continued and generous donations and all those individuals and organisations who make the research grants possible by contributing to the IPA Research Foundation.

The IPA gratefully acknowledges the contribution of IPA Council members in reviewing research proposals and providing recommendations to IPWG.