8 good reasons to join the International Protea Association:

  1. To share our talents and increase our knowledge in the richness of diversity of Proteaceae.
  2. To channel our concerns and problems related to commercial protea production and marketing.
  3. For continuous improvement in our professions according to our various interests and areas of activity.
  4. To be informed in a timely manner of activities that relate to our professional work, such as seminars, lectures, conferences and technical visits.
  5. To be part of a solid body of professionals who make their voices heard in matters affecting the protea industry locally and worldwide.
  6. To provide and receive technical assistance from a network of growers, professionals and researchers involved in protea production.
  7. To create awareness and influence the ornamental market to increase the profile of Proteaceae worldwide.
  8. Free subscription to  FloraCulture International Magazine.

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