IPA Structure

All IPA member countries or regions are invited to nominate a representative to join the IPA council.

All IPA council members must be full individual members of IPA. Member countries/ regions are approved by the IPA Council as having a significant industry, and sufficient cooperation to be seen to be capable of electing a true representative. Any region or country is welcome to apply to the council for member status. The IPA currently recognises China, Ecuador, Columbia and Peru as Affiliate Countries with no representation on the IPA Council.

At IPA conferences the IPA council meets and sets the direction and activities for IPA to follow. Please contact your IPA Council member if you have any matters to bring to the attention of IPA.

The IPA Council/Country representatives (2017-2020)

Australia – Paul Daily
Azores– Tiogo Fritas
California USA – Ismael Resendiz
Canary Island – Antonio Lopez
Chile – Christiana Gregorczyk
Israel – Yechiel Steinmetz
Hawaii – Tony Bayaoa
New Zealand – Vania Allen
South Africa – Elzette Schutte
Portugal – Maria Dragovic
Zimbabwe – Maria Saywood
Countries with IPA observer status: Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. It was proposed and approved that Eliyau Perez will represent the South America countries.

The IPA Board members (2017-2020)

President: Ismael Resendiz, California USA
Vice-president: Diana Roy, California USA
Treasurer: Lynn Hoffman, South Africa
Secretary: Eugenie-Lien Louw, South Africa
IPWG president: Emily Rigby, Australia
Members at large: Vania Allen, New Zealand and Maria Dragovic, Portugal

IPWG Executive

The International Protea Working Group (IPWG) is the research section of the IPA. It is affiliated to and approved by the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS).

IPWG president: Emily Rigby, Australia
Secretary: Eugenie-Lien Louw, South Africa

Ornamental section of ISHS

Chair:  Dr. Margherita Beruto, Italy